What is a craft swap?

It’s an organized exchange of handcrafted items.

There are all sorts of craft swaps. Our swaps all have different themes, the items can be made in any medium and they are exchanged with other craft swap participants around the world!

What do we make?

The goal is a “medium” sized craft; this means it should require several sessions to complete, and can’t be done in a single afternoon. A collection of smaller crafts is also acceptable, as long as they add up to a “medium” sized gift for your recipient.

Materials and product are totally up to you. Participants can specify while joining any preferred crafts and everyone creates a personal mosaics related to the topic from which to draw inspiration.

Including smaller crafts and/or bonus items in your project is highly encouraged to create the best mail day ever for your partner! If you don’t think your main craft qualifies as a “medium” craft, added smaller crafts can be used to make your project more robust.

What if I'm not an expert crafter?

Just make something you think your partner will enjoy and have fun using whatever medium(s) you desire.

We do our best to match participants of comparable skill level.

What is required of each swap participant?

1. Join: Carefully read and agree to the schedule and terms of the swap & fill in a brief survey on your tastes, skills, and desires for the swap.

2. Make: Using information about your partner, dream up what kind of cool stuff to create for them and make it so!

3. Check In: Post 5 themed social media posts throughout the swap using the swap’s hashtag to create a gallery of swap projects in progress.

4. Send: Ship crafts to your partner with appropriate timing, providing a tracking number. Crafts are on their way to you, hooray!

What do I have to post to Instagram during the craft swap?

Each swap schedule includes 5 social media post check-ins per participant.

– Personal Mosaic: reflecting your tastes, preferences, and desires for the swap theme. This is a springboard for your partner.

– Inspiration Collage: showing where your project is headed, what you have in mind to create for the swap.

– Progress Check-in: updating the progress of your project. You can show as much or little as you want to manage spoilers.

– Sneak Peek: a little preview of your project that’s moving toward completion.

– Completion Check-in: let us know you’re done with your project and ready to ship. We’ll give the go-ahead when both partners are ready.

These check-ins help us make sure that each swap partner’s efforts are rewarded. If you’re unable to make the posts, we will be forced to ask you to step out of the swap so we can take care of each participant.

Where do I post check-ins?

Instagram. Remember to use the swap’s hashtag.

The organizers will thank you for each check-in while marking its completion.

How do I make photo mosaics?

There are many phone apps which create photo collages.

We recommend Layout (iTunes | Android) & Picstitch (iTunes | Android).

Will I be reminded of the schedule so that I don't fall behind?

The week of check-ins we will post reminders on Instagram, in the Facebook group, and a member email. 

What happens if I miss check-ins?

We’ll send you a reminder message or email asking you to post as soon as possible.

You’ll only get two of these, and on the third strike may be expelled from the craft swap.

We want to make sure that everyone stays involved and finishes their product(s) along the provided deadlines so that no one will have to be the participant who receives nothing.

How does shipping work?

Our craft swaps are open to participants around the world, but if you prefer to ship within the US, where most of our swappers live, that’s okay. Just indicate this when signing up for a swap.

You are responsible for shipping costs and to send us tracking information.

We ask that everyone waits to ship their finished item until we give the go-ahead. Sometimes we get last minute delays and drop-outs and we would hate for you to have sent your craft early and never receive anything in return.

What happens if I don't receive anything?

Everyone will receive crafts in our swaps!

We line up a few Swap Angels for each swap, generous crafters who make an extra project for any member who doesn’t receive a package.

Please indicate your interest in becoming a Swap Angel when you join a swap. <3

What is a Swap Captain?

A Sirius Army Captain is assigned a group of participants, then validates & tracks group member check-ins with our provided tracking form. This is a pilot program we’re hoping will improve the swap experience for everyone. The organizers will make sure they get something special for their efforts. ❤

Will my recipient know my crafts came from me?

It depends on the specific craft swap.

#SiriusAnimationSwap is a direct swap, meaning two people are paired to make crafts for each other; so in this case, yes, they will know who made their crafts. 🙂

I have another question...

Please feel free to contact us!

Happy Crafting!